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Mechanisms of Avoiding Stroke

An individual usually develops a stroke when the blood vessels that are responsible for the transportation of oxygen and nutrients to the brain bursts or get blocked by blood clots. The results of stroke include memory loss and loss of the ability to control muscles because it causes the death of brain cells. Stroke causes a lot of death, and it is always important to avoid it if it is possible.

The first mechanism of being safe from getting an incident of stroke is increasing the presence of vegetable beans and nuts in your daily diet. It has been found by researchers in the medical field that increasing the amount of vegetables, beans, and nuts as well as other whole grains will bring in the diet has a great impact when it comes to the reduction of chances of stroke. This is Justified by the fact that there is a huge presence of chemicals in vegetables, whole grains, beans and nuts that might help in bringing down cholesterol levels in the body of a person. Chances of an individual suffering stroke are limited by the fact that vegetables beans and nuts can help in the maintenance of a healthy body mass as well as lowering the blood pressure of the body.

Another way that is effective for an individual to avoid stroke is by completely stopping the habit of smoking. From a science point of view smoking has been proven to have an effect of thickening the plot of somebody. There is a higher probability of development of clubs which are among the main reasons why people suffer from stroke due to the thick blood of somebody who smokes Seek medical attention so that you can be assisted to stop smoking if you’re a smoker and you are struggling with a way to stop smoking completely. By stopping smoking, you will be avoiding a situation where blood gets thick and by that avoiding a situation where you can get stroke.

The third way through which you can reduce the chances of suffering from stroke is the reduction of drinking alcohol. Science has provided evidence that intake of alcohol greatly takes up the chances of an individual developing stroke. to limit the chances of being a victim of stroke you are advised to take down the levels of alcohol intake within a day and if possible completely do away with the habit of drinking alcohol. The maximum alcohol intake that is advised for the male gender is two bottles and not more and one bottle for the females.

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